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Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Visitation Guidelines

St. Mary Medical Center is a patient and family-centered care (PFCC) facility. The medical center is committed to encouraging and supporting the presence and participation of families and others who play a significant role in the physical care and emotional support of patients. The Medical Center will provide the structure allowing for that care and support to take place while simultaneously providing a safe and secure environment for treatment and healing. The patient’s parent, legal guardian, primary support person(s) or spouse/significant other should feel welcome at all times throughout the diagnostic, treatment and recovery phases of hospitalization. Any other limitations on visitation will be outlined for the patient in writing upon admission to the medical center.

Visitor Restrictions

“Reasonable and necessary” restrictions on visitation may be initiated by patient/care team when:

  • undergoing certain care interventions (as agreed upon by the patient & care team)
  • infection control standards may be jeopardized
  • there is disruptive behavior
  • it is necessary to maintain the patient’s privacy or the privacy of other nearby patients
  • a court/legal order is in effect limiting or restricting contact
  • any other situation in which the patient/care team deems it necessary to alter visitation

* Any restriction on visitation will be re-evaluated regularly and documented on the patients’ medical record.

Unit-Specific Visitation

Perioperative Services:

Perioperative Services encompass the Short Stay Ambulatory Care Unit, the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), the Holding Room, the Main Operating Room and the outpatient Surgicenter. The Main operating room, Surgicenter Center Operating room, the Main PACU and the SurgiCenter PACU are restricted visiting areas.

Visitors are welcome with the patient in the Short Stay ambulatory care area anytime during their hours of operation. Visitors at the bedside are limited to two persons. Other family members/significant others may wait in the 2 West Short Stay waiting area. Children are prohibited from visiting the OR and 2 East and 2 West areas. Surgical staff will communicate with the patient’s primary support person &/or family member after surgery regarding the patient’s disposition from the OR.


1. One family member, parent, or guardian may accompany a minor to the holding area, to be with their child until the patient enters the operating room. Upon completion of the surgery, the PACU nurse will contact the family member, parent, or guardian to be with the minor in the PACU, after immediate nursing interventions are completed.

2. At the discretion of the anesthesiologist, one family member, parent or guardian or primary support person may accompany the minor into the OR suite to be present during initial anesthesia induction. The visitor will be asked to return to the waiting area from the OR suite after the patient has undergone anesthesia.


Labor and Delivery:

 Labor & Delivery is a locked unit and requires visitors to call in to be granted access. Patients may have up to three support people during their labor and delivery and one primary support person during C/S recovery. The primary support person must be older than 14 years of age. Sibling visitation is welcomed per family request. An adult visitor must be available to supervise visiting siblings. Exchange of visitors may occur in the labor room areas but visitors are limited to one person at the bedside in the prep room. Visitor exchange occurs in the waiting area outside of Labor and Delivery, however, no exchanges may occur once the patient is pushing and/or delivering. In the case of high risk pregnancy or other special circumstances, visitors may be limited or restricted per nursing or physician discretion. The physician will partner with the patient/family to increase the number of permitted visitors on a case by case basis.


 Rooming-in is encouraged for all stable mother/baby couplets 24 hours a day. Infants may be returned to the nursery for care at the request of the parent or physician. Infants may be monitored/observed in the nursery during the mother’s recovery period.


 The neonatal intensive care unit is a locked unit and requires visitors to call in via the intercom system. Families are welcome in the unit at any hour of the day, up to two people at any one time. One of the visitors must be the mother, father or primary support person designated by the parents. Siblings, over the age of three years old, may also visit. With regard to the high risk nature of the patient population, the medical center will restrict visitors who are presently ill or who may have been exposed to any communicable disease. Families will be instructed on proper hand hygiene prior to and during visitation and a cover gown will be provided for any visitor when the infant is being held.


The pediatric unit is a locked unit that requires all visitors to call in via the intercom system. Visitors are welcome at the beside anytime during the patient’s hospitalization. Up to 2 visitors may spend the night, including mothers/fathers or an adult designee. Med/Surg and Telemetry: Spouses, immediate family and designated primary support person(s) are welcome to remain at the patient’s bedside. In private rooms, one person designated by the patient/patient’s representative is welcome to sleep at the bedside.


The Intensive Care Unit encourages a patient-designated primary support person for every patient in the ICU. The patient and primary support person will partner with the care team to discuss any special circumstances that may limit visitation. Space in the patient room may limit the ability for in-room overnight stays but designated primary support persons may stay in the ICU adult waiting room with frequent visitation.

Acute Rehabilitation:

 The acute rehabilitation welcomes family and any primary support persons designated by the patient to remain at the bedside.

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