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Weight Loss Surgery Center

While great strides continue to be made in the field of obesity treatment, substantial work remains to be done. Despite the many advances occurring out of the public eye, surgery is still the only effective treatment option. Until a less invasive and more reliable therapy for obesity is developed and made widely available to people of all ages, that is not likely to change—surgery will remain the only alternative for effectively controlling obesity long term.

Certainly, obesity also may result from hormonal or glandular imbalances, however fewer than two in 100 people are afflicted in that particular way. Rarely, too, is obesity due to overeating. Instead, eating disorders are much more likely to result from the emotional difficulties caused by obesity. In effect, obesity may lead to various psychological, psychiatric or other emotional disorders. If one is obese, that obesity is far more likely to result in emotional difficulties than for emotional difficulties to have led to obesity.

The bottom line: obesity is not a symptom of weakness, nor is it a psychological or psychiatric disorder in its own right. It is a disease. As bariatric care continues to attract widespread attention, surgery remains an important solution to this increasingly prevalent problem. If you have been unable to lose weight through a comprehensive program that includes strict dietary management, physical exercise, other lifestyle changes, and/or medication, you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Potential patients must meet the Body Mass Index (BMI) requirements and/or have health issues to qualify for surgery. Additionally, patients must undergo extensive screenings which includes a bariatric consultation, a psychosocial evaluation, nutritional assessment, lab work and a cardiology clearance.



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