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Antenatal Services at the Mary Hilton OB Clinic

Specialized Care For You and Your Baby...

The St. Mary Perinatal Medicine Clinic is designed to serve you and your unborn child for a healthy outcome. We offer a full spectrum of prenatal services including testing, counseling and informational assistance. Our UCLA Perinatologists are highly trained specialists who work directly with family practice physicians and obstetricians to help patients manage complicated pregnancies.

Most patients are referred to the Perinatal Medicine Clinic for testing to assess the health of their unborn child. We understand that this can be a stressful and uncertain time, and our staff strives to create a comfortable and reassuring setting in which expectant parents can relax while the necessary procedures are performed.

If it is determined that you have risk factors for complications, The Perinatal Medicine Clinic staff will provide you with information and answer questions you might have in regard to what to expect.

Qualified counselors will ask about your medical history and that of your partner, your lifestyle and potential exposure to any potentially hazardous substances. These questions are posed solely to ensure your safety and that of your child. Additional tests may be administered, including amniocentesis, non-stress tests and ultrasound all that are performed in the clinic.

Mary Hilton OB Clinic

529 East 10th Street

Long Beach, CA  90813

Hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Please contact us by email or call (562) 491-9047 for more information.

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